'Jumpstarting Your Music Career!'

Silver Package - Part 1

Welcome to 'The Unsigned Artist: Jumpstarting Your Music Career', the workshop has been broken into episodes so that you can take the course at your own speed. As the industry is forever changing, you'll be informed of any updates to the workshop and they will be automatically uploaded here for your convenience. Good Luck and above all... HAVE FUN! 

Please note, the rest of the course will be available upon receipt of the final balance paid.
Introduction & The Dream Exercise
Artist Branding
The Artist Dream Team: Reversing the Roles

Available in the Silver Package - Month 2!

Social Media & Safeguarding Yourself Online

Available in the Silver Package - Month 2!

Download the first part of the e-workbook here! 
The extended version of your freebie in the webinar!
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